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The President’s teacher: life only happens once, so you need to live it with dignity!

A resident of the agro-town of Alexandria, classroom teacher of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, mathematics teacher Tatiana Nikolaevna Karpechenko celebrated her 100th anniversary on January 12th. Tatiana Nikolaevna’s house was noisy and crowded from early morning, with one delegation replacing another, but she traditionally received the first congratulations and gifts on her birthday from her famous student, Aleksandr Lukashenko.

With a smile, she says that he never forgets her and pleases her with his attention. She also remembers with pleasure and bright nostalgia the years when Aleksandr Lukashenko studied in her class — she says he was very capable of languages, wrote excellent essays and presentations, had an inquisitive mind and excellent memory.
“We have a good President, we don’t need anyone better. 
I was once asked what I would do if I knew that a future President was studying in my class? I answered: I would keep a diary, write everything down and tell you even more about him today. He’s a wonderful person. He did an internship at our school and even worked for a year. And subsequently we always kept in touch with him,” she notes.

Tatyana Nikolaevna is a teacher with more than 40 years of experience, 35 years of which she spent at Alexandria Secondary School. She was born in a taiga village in the Vologda Region, although on her maternal side her roots lie in the Shklov District. The fate of this amazing woman is full of interesting facts and events. For example, the teacher’s work biography began at the age of 18 — during the Great Patriotic War, then she devoted her entire life to teaching mathematics. Tatyana Nikolaevna was a kind and at the same time demanding specialist, she treated children with love and respect.
The birthday woman approached her venerable milestone in life with a clear mind and strong memory, as well as a wonderful sense of humour. I want to listen to stories from her biography and wise advice without interrupting. The woman lived a rich life, for which she is infinitely grateful.
“They say that you have to manage your life? Build a house, plant a tree and raise a son — I’ve already done all this. With my husband, with whom I lived in perfect harmony for almost 40 years, we built a house, planted a garden, raised three sons and a daughter: they are great guys — they worked honestly and are already retired, they are all over 70 years old. When people ask me what I’m doing now, I joke: nothing, in 100 years I’ve tried everything!” Tatyana Nikolaevna smiles.
At some point the teacher’s voice becomes serious, and she says, “Life only happens once, so you need to live it with dignity.”

And how many people Tatyana Nikolaevna gathered around her on this centennial anniversary is the best confirmation of this postulate. By the way, the teacher is rich not only in years and invaluable life experience, but also in family and friends: she raised and raised children with her husband, and now enjoys the success of five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. And they themselves are proud of their successful ancestor. In addition, she is never forgotten by numerous students who also came to congratulate their beloved teacher on such a significant celebration.
The centenarian speaks about her secret of spiritual youth and longevity, “Firstly, a lot depends on genetics: healthy parents make strong children. Secondly, work and a quiet life give strength — there should be respect and mutual understanding in the family. Work honestly and conscientiously, live in peace and harmony — let it be so both at work and at home.”

Tatyana Nikolaevna has lived in Belarus since 1946 and notes that since that time the country has changed a lot — there was both post-war devastation and restoration.
“Everything is comparative: that period and the present are a big difference. 
For so many years, life in Belarus has never been as good as it is now. Let’s take our generation: pensions are delivered on time, the stores have everything... But before it used to be that you would work at school, come to the store, and there would be no bread. We’re not even talking about other products — you can’t buy the main ones. And today, thanks to our President, we live in such a beautiful country,” she says.

 Looking back from a distance of many years, Tatyana Nikolaevna gives a separate instruction to young people: to work selflessly and love their native land, to be patriots of their country.
“In our generation, patriotism was brought up from the first grade, including being accepted into the Octobrists, Pioneers, and Komsomol. At one time, due to such unity and love for the Fatherland, we won the Great Patriotic War. And today we need to educate young people in the same spirit, because the future of all Belarus lies with them. It is important to always remember the past, appreciate the present and think about the well-being of the future, so that our country remains as beautiful, quiet, calm and prosperous,” she recalls.

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