The President’s teacher: life only happens once, so you need to live it with dignity!

A resident of the agro-town of Alexandria, classroom teacher of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, mathematics teacher Tatiana Nikolaevna Karpechenko celebrated her 100th anniversary on January 12th. Tatiana Nikolaevna’s house was noisy and crowded from early morning, with one delegation replacing another, but she traditionally received the first congratulations and gifts on her birthday from her famous student, Aleksandr Lukashenko. With a smile, she says that he never forgets her ...

Lukashenko , teacher , jubilee

Belarusian Statehood. The symbol of our statehood

Statehood is the most important value and testifies to the nation’s ability to develop independently — the President of Belarus is convinced of this, and this point of view has found a warm resonance in the hearts of Belarusians. Belarusian statehood has its own history and foundations. As well as unique and unshakable symbols, institutions and traditions. The Belarusian Statehood project of The MT tells about the main ones. The Palace of Independence turns 10. But it has already become not ...

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News photo: Belarus’ National Beauty School is 25

Distinguished guests arrived at the Palace of the Republic to congratulate Belarus’ National Beauty School on its 25 th anniversary. After numerous thanks were expressed on behalf of the Council of the Republic, Deputy Head of the President Administration Olga Chupris, Director of the National Beauty School Bozhena Yeremich and Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Vladimir Kukharev took the stage with welcoming speeches. The festive event was held in the spirit of the school: it was ...

national beauty school , jubilee

10,000 days in Presidential office for Lukashenko

... , has been congratulated on a jubilee: 10,000 days in the ... Head of State on the jubilee: 10,000 days as President ...

Lukashenko , jubilee

Online congratulations for BSU

... – Congratulations Card – to mark its jubilee Words of thanks can be ...

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WWII veteran is 100!

A Great Patriotic War veteran, Piotr Ivanov, has turned 100 and the head of Minsk’s Sovetsky residential district, representatives of the military commissariat and public organisations came to congratulate the man The hero of the day was presented with flowers and memorable gifts. Guests wished him good health and long life. “Piotr Ivanov is a living legend. He took part in the Finnish War and participated in the Great Patriotic War, also restoring Minsk in the post-war years,” the Head of Minsk ...

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