Posted: 04.05.2022 09:48:00

Sudden check of rapid response forces began at Belarus’ Armed Forces

Belarus’ Defence Ministry has informed on this in its Telegram channel

Military units and subdivisions will work out the tasks of placement into combat readiness, marches to designated areas and performance of military training tasks – in order to assess the readiness of servicemen for rapid response in case of crisis situations.

The units will operate on unfamiliar terrain, in a rapidly changing environment. Their line-up will be gradually expanded – to make it possible to check the readiness to counteract military threats on the ground and in the air.

Attention will be paid to the support systems that should create favourable conditions for the actions of combat military units. Such activities are one of the most effective forms of training troops, they do not pose a threat either to the European community as a whole or to the neighbouring countries in particular. During the check campaign, many military vehicles will be moving, and this may make it difficult to use public roads.

The Defence Ministry urges residents and drivers to be extremely careful.