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Strategic point

Important tasks for the Belarusian agro-industrial complex were set by the Head of State during a large-scale republican conference to discuss the progress in the harvest campaign

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Taking part in the meeting at the Palace of Independence are senior officials of the central government, ministries and government agencies. Governors, heads of 118 district administrations and their deputies, as well as chiefs of agricultural companies joined the meeting via a conference call. 
“The global food industry is going through uncertain times. I really mean it when I say ‘uncertain’. The world is going crazy. To be honest, we do not know what will happen tomorrow, and this is the most alarming thing. Many say that we are on the brink of famine. We cannot disregard such a threat, and we need to stay alert. If the fears of famine materialise, you know what the consequences will be. 
We need to brace up. God gave us perfect weather this year, and we should make the most of it,” noted Aleksandr Lukashenko.
The President added, “A harvest campaign is of strategic importance for Belarus. We must provide the population with food and increase our stabilisation fund, our stocks for the future. As I said before, with food prices running high today, it is an opportunity to better things in agriculture. Moreover, we have everything in order to achieve these goals.”
According to the Head of State, the critical situation in the global food market is only getting worse, 
“The footage of burning wheat fields set on fire by helicopters of our southern neighbour does not add optimism to anyone. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. The mindless sanctions on fertilisers and energy and the severance of transport links have put many countries on the verge of survival. Winter is coming. Those who will not be able to feed themselves are in for a cold and hungry winter.”
The Head of State noted that Belarus has grown a good harvest of grain and leguminous crops, although the current harvest campaign is predicted to be difficult due to weather. The main requirements for the harvest campaign are quality and pace. Discipline and responsibility should be top-notch. Yet, the State Control Committee and the Prosecutor General’s Office have reported that not everything is smooth.
Speaking about order and discipline, the President emphasised that it is of crucial importance to protect equipment and fields from fires, ensure grain safety at warehouses.

Photo by BELTA

“The police must eliminate all possible opportunities to steal fuel and grain during harvesting, ensure safety during transportation,” the Belarusian leader demanded. 
During the conference call, Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed the State Control Committee to selectively check the readiness of harvesting equipment throughout the country.
The Head of State highlighted that the agricultural output in 2022 should not be smaller than that in 2021. The President also instructed to devote August-September to the rural areas, including if necessary to provide assistance with labour resources and involve urban residents.
Another important task is to arrange proper storage of agricultural products for subsequent sale in the off-season.
Aleksandr Lukashenko is sure that prices for agricultural products in the world will only grow, and therefore it is crucial to ensure stocks in order to sell products on the domestic market at affordable prices during the off-season, 
“Believe me, next year and even in two-years’ time the grain of the current season will be much more expensive. The price for grain and other agricultural products will increase significantly. Therefore, if possible, we should ensure stocks for the winter, so that in winter and spring our people could get the necessary agricultural products at acceptable prices. We need stabilisation funds, especially in Minsk and regional cities.”
The production of winter barley was in focus. As Vice Premier Leonid Zayats noted, this year the average yield of winter barley is 51.6 centners per hectare. In addition, the issue of rapeseed was discussed. 
Aleksandr Lukashenko orients the media towards further coverage of the results of the work of rural workers on the pages of the press, on television and on the Internet, “We must continue to pay more attention to the peasants in the mass media. They should be the main characters. Men do not live by bread alone. Everyone wants to be seen and congratulated for their work.”
Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed to devote August-September to the rural areas, including if necessary to provide assistance with labour resources and involve urban residents. Another important order is to ensure stable settlements with agricultural organisations for manufactured products.

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