Posted: 15.03.2023 11:28:00

Seoul Mayor supports S. Korea's creation of its own nuclear weapons

South Korea needs to create its own nuclear weapons, even at the risk of negative international consequences, to protect itself from a threat on the part of the DPRK – as noted by Seoul’s Mayor Oh Se-hoon in his talk with Reuters, RIA Novosti reports

Photo by the press service of the K-FEST 2020 Korean Tourism and Culture Festival

It is noted that Oh Se-hoon is considered the person who can lead the country in 2027.

"North Korea has succeeded in miniaturising and facilitating tactical nuclear weapons, it has at least dozens of warheads. We have come to the point where it is difficult to convince people by logic that we should refrain from developing nuclear weapons," the politician explained.

Oh Se-hoon added that the Ukrainian conflict had reinforced his opinion that the idea of denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula has lost its appeal, and that nuclear weapons are the most effective deterrent against Pyongyang. He disagrees with the statements of his opponents who warn about the risks of international sanctions, noting that South Korea's nuclear programme will be a signal for countries such as China to restrain the DPRK's military build-up.

The statements of the Mayor of Seoul are a continuation of the intra-national debate on the topic of nuclear weapons. In January, the President of South Korea, Yoon Suk-yeol, said that his country could host someone else's nuclear weapons or create its own quickly enough if the situation with the DPRK worsens even more. However, last week, Prime Minister Han Duck-soo told reporters at a meeting that South Korea does not intend to receive nuclear weapons and will rely on Pyongyang's expanded deterrence in an alliance with the United States.