Posted: 19.04.2024 14:06:15

Secret behind your birth year’s final digit

Astrology and numerology are closely related. The Chinese, as the founders of the eastern horoscope, are convinced that the year of birth of each person is predetermined and our birth year’s final digit can tell a lot about each of us. According to the eastern horoscope, there are five main elements that replace each other every year. Each of them correlates with certain digits and has a strong influence on the most important and crucial moments of human life. Astrologers revealed what secret your birth year’s last digit hides.


Last digit 0 or 1: Element – Metal. Cardinal direction – West. Season – autumn. Colour – white.

People of the Metal element have a very strong character. By nature, they have qualities such as self-reliance, independence, patience, willpower, and the ability to survive in any conditions. Despite a bit of egoism and selfishness in their character, such people treat their loved ones with respect and know how to take care of them. In most situations, they behave very restrainedly, but external pressure pushes them to actively defend their rightness and their own point of view. For representatives of this element, the most important thing is order and balance. Their distinctive features are determination and reliability. However, sometimes they try not to be part of the crowd, staying a little apart from it. When people of the Metal element know what they want from life, their determination is off the charts. Having decided on their goals and desires, they will persistently and confidently move forward towards their realisation, despite obstacles and doubts. They cope with the difficulties that arise along the way quite easily. Among the main character flaws are unpredictability and periodic impulsiveness. In such periods, they may lose their minds, show excessive stubbornness, and commit foolish and rash actions. Such people are characterised by a conscious thirst for power and wealth. It is not surprising that many of them become managers and bosses, and very demanding and strict ones.

Last digit 2 or 3: Element – Water. Cardinal direction – North. Season – winter. Colour – black.

People governed by the Water element have quite responsive and charming personalities, ready to empathise and support their loved ones in difficult times. The distinctive character traits of such people are flexibility, the ability to go with the flow, a brilliant mind, creativity, and a wonderful imagination. There are quite a few great thinkers and philosophers among them, distinguished by their independence and ability to easily master several specialties at once. People of the Water element cleverly apply these qualities to build a happy and successful life. Their communication skills are always at a high level. In addition, they have the gift of persuasion, which allows them to achieve significant results in diplomacy. Their highly developed intuition helps them notice details that are invisible to others. These people are not only excellent organisers, but also successful performers. Many of them are able to notice and identify each person's special talent, and then help in its development. Often, they may apply this ability in their profession, for example, as an artistic director or producer. However, such people also have negative qualities. Firstly, they are often insincere and overly secretive, unwilling to reveal their secrets to others. Secondly, they have a pronounced desire to manipulate others. People of this element tend to go only the easy way, thereby showing passivity and a tendency to indulge others’ and their whims. They should learn how to define and defend their own opinions, and to achieve their goals with their own strength and intelligence.


Last digit 4 or 5: Element – Wood. Cardinal direction – East. Season – spring. Colour – green. 

The main character traits of people whose element is Wood are generosity, high morality, integrity, the gift of persuasion, and a thorough analysis of information. The Wood-type people are distinguished by their special creativity and artistry. Moreover, they apply these qualities in any business they undertake. They are so hardworking that they cannot sit idle for a long time, so they are constantly looking for new activities or work, believing that conscientious labour is the best and proper use of human strength. Another strong quality is their self-confidence and the ability to be content with what they already have, without trying to jump above their own heads. Those born under the protection of the Wood element are truly devoted companions who never think only about themselves and listen to the wishes and problems of their loved ones. One of the main disadvantages of such people is their inability to multitask. It is common for them to take on more tasks than they can complete, leading to the fact that an extra part of the work is either not performed, or is performed poorly. People who are associated with the Wood element should learn to identify limitations for themselves and soberly assess their capabilities and strengths. They are also characterised by a certain slowness and passivity, so they often find themselves in a position dependent on other people.

Last digit 6 or 7: Element – Fire. Cardinal direction – South. Season – summer. Colour – red.

Fire people are real adventurers who are always ready to explore something new and incredible. These energetic and active people undoubtedly have all the prerequisites to become successful leaders and businessmen, because they just love to compete and win. People of the Fire element are distinguished by their special attractiveness, as well as their ability to communicate. They hate being alone and try to surround themselves with a large circle of communication and constant movement. Despite their increased sociability and thirst for adventure, these are truly family people who cherish close ties. The following character traits can be distinguished among the representatives of the Fire element: friendliness, high self-esteem, brilliant mental abilities, determination, self-confidence, and public speaking skills. Serious character flaws of people born under the influence of the Fire element include their excessive aggressiveness and an absolute willingness to achieve the desired result by any means, even if they have to go over people’s heads. They also have such negative traits as excessive emotionality, impatience, extreme ambitiousness, and selfishness.


Last digit 8 or 9: Element – Earth. Cardinal direction – Earth’s centre. Season – all. Colour – yellow.

People belonging to the Earth element are distinguished by patience and reliability, as well as incredibly developed intuition. They always behave very responsibly towards their relatives and friends. They are idealists by nature, although very ambitious ones. They are quite down-to-earth and rational individuals who are used to solving any problem according to a clear plan, step by step, and guided by reason. For many, representatives of this element are role models for their highly developed moral and ethical values. Discipline and ethics are not empty words for these people, and their very conservative nature helps them make the most effective use of their available resources. As a rule, they achieve a high financial position. They have a unique ability to calculate the prospects of any undertaking and business in advance. They are characterised by restraint in emotions. However, they also need the love of people close to them. They may lack vivacity and adventurism in communication. Speaking about the character flaws of representatives of this element, it is worth mentioning that they can be unnecessarily stubborn and cruel. It is important for them to keep everything under their control. At the same time, they are usually guided by their own benefits and personal interests. Most of all, in life, they are afraid of the unknown, so, against this background, they may even have panic attacks or depression.