Posted: 07.12.2023 17:30:00

SB. Belarus Segodnya observer on Belarus’ foreign policy and Aleksandr Lukashenko: not isolation, but recognition

Belarus is active in the international arena these days, making the whole world to talk about it. Aleksandr Lukashenko’s speech at the World Climate Action Summit in Dubai created a sensation, with the Belarusian President openly speaking an inconvenient truth for many world leaders about their rhetoric and actions. Just a couple of days later, the Head of State visited Beijing and spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping for several hours in a friendly atmosphere. In her talk with Alfa Radio, Lyudmila Gladkaya, an observer with the Belarus Segodnya Publishing Housing, speculates about why our country is lucky with the President and about his foreign policy.

“When I watched Aleksandr Lukashenko’s speech at the summit in Dubai, I caught myself thinking that we, Belarusians, were three times lucky,” noted Lyudmila Gladkaya. “Firstly, because we have a President who not only works, but works hard, having out his life into creating this country in which you and I now live. I’m sure that our children and grandchildren will grow up in an even better country. Secondly, we were lucky to be born in Belarus; I view this country the best in the world. Thirdly, pay attention to what Belarusian society and Belarusian people are like, even despite the fact that we’re blackmailed, provoked, hear some nasty things about us, face sanctions imposed against us... Despite all the provocations from the ‘politicians’ – temporary puppets (I can’t call them anything else) – we treat our neighbours humanely, being ready to liaise with them, and our President often talks about this. That is, if you come to us with good intentions, then we will come to you. We don’t want harm on anyone. For example, the situation at the border and at border crossings. We introduce a visa-free travel for them, but on the other side they close the border, put up barriers, don’t let in their own trucks, their own people who make money from this.”

Speaking about the international agenda. Lyudmila Gladkaya focuses on which countries Belarus primarily co-operates, “These are leaders like the huge China, like Russia. We are with them,” underlined the SB. Belarus Segodnya observer. “We’re welcomed respectfully, rather than with fake smiles. We, along with the world giants, participate in events, carry out our international policy with them hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. Our small country is among those who create history. We are participants in this process, not outside observers. If you want, we show the world and those countries that are confused in their international politics what a human face looks like, what is good and what is evil, what are normal values and what is a substitution of concepts.”

According to Lyudmila Gladkaya, Aleksandr Lukashenko’s visit to China and his speech in Dubai is notable not only for its talks, but also for other interesting peculiarities, “In the end we see him playing ice hockey with the Peking University team. And that’s just what they show us. And how many friendly handshakes, promises, contracts remain behind the scenes! Pay attention to how our President and our entire delegation are met, what the results of these meetings are: definite contracts and projects. Did you see the faces of journalists and other meeting participants when other politicians spoke? Some people closed their eyes, others were sleeping, but when Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke, we saw interested people, who listened attentively, nodding their heads involuntarily, and gave him a standing ovation. Look at the views on the video of our President’s speech. The Pul Pervogo Telegram channel published ratings: the video is in the top of the tops! So, of course, yes, we are ‘isolated’, we are ‘very isolated’, we are suffering from these sanctions. Not those three who at the summit, instead of taking a group photo with other world leaders, took pictures near the toilet, but us.”