Posted: 08.05.2022 17:05:00

Sao Paulo friends presented Victory Banner copy to Belarus’ Embassy

On the eve of Victory Day, the Belarusian Embassy in Brazil received a valuable gift from its Sao Paulo friends: a scarlet cloth of the flag (copy) which was hoisted on the roof of the Reichstag in Berlin by Red Army soldiers – as informed by the Belarusian diplomatic mission

“It is difficult for us to find words that can convey all our gratitude and appreciation since it is a piece of memory of our grandfathers who shed blood in the fight against fascists and gave us a chance to live in peacetime. We are touched by such attention from the citizens of Brazil and knowledge of the history of our country. This flag will take its rightful place in our Embassy. Thank you very much," the diplomatic mission thanked the Brazilians.

Photos by Belarus’ Embassy in Brazil