Posted: 26.09.2023 10:49:00

Romania says it has the highest rate of tax evasion in EU

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said that the level of tax evasion in the country is the highest in the European Union, TASS reports


Marcel Ciolacu said, “I would like to inform you with sadness that we have the largest tax evasion in the EU – over 10 percent of GDP, i.e., 160bn Lei (€32bn). The bill submitted for discussion contains many measures to combat tax evasion.

According to the PM, tax increases are ‘normal and fit into European logic’. He hopes that the planned measures will not lead to an increase in bank rates and, accordingly, to an increase in prices.

Ciolacu said that Romania has a huge number of tax breaks that can no longer be maintained. 500 amendments were made to the country’s Tax Code through 100 laws and government regulations. According to the PM, Romania has dozens and hundreds of tax breaks and at the same time the lowest incomes and the greatest tax evasion.