Posted: 07.04.2023 14:07:00

Rising cost of living in Italy becoming unbearable

The cost of living continues to rise in Italy, becoming unbearable for the citizens of the country – as noted by President of the National Union of Consumers (UNC) Massimiliano Dona, commenting on the latest official data on inflation in the country, RIA Novosti reports

According to preliminary estimates of the Italian National Institute of Statistics, inflation in Italy in March amounted to 7.7 percent year on year – dropping from 9.1 percent a month earlier primarily due to lower energy tariffs. However, as experts underline, this positive trend has so far practically not affected the cost of food products.

“The reduction in inflation continues thanks to the fall in energy prices, but this is not enough. The reduction in tariffs, which also benefits industrial enterprises, has not yet affected the prices of all goods,” Dona said.

He noted that prices in Italy are growing too fast, causing dissatisfaction among citizens.

“The cost of living continues to rise and becomes increasingly unbearable. For a couple with two children, inflation at 7.7 percent means an additional annual cost of 2,306 Euros, of which 1,015 Euros go only for food and drinks, and 1,062 Euros for consumer goods,” Dona added.