Posted: 18.04.2023 13:53:00

Pushilin shed light on some details of his meeting with Belarus’ President

The Donetsk People's Republic is interested in assistance and support from Belarus in many areas – as stated by its Acting Head, Denis Pushilin, following his today’s meeting with the President of Belarus. In particular, he noted that – in the conditions of ongoing hostilities – Donetsk and some other settlements are still under shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


“Actually, the situation in the republic can be described not only by artillery bombardment. We have no right to neglect other aspects – such as the categories of peaceful construction," Mr. Pushilin said. “The war will end, and all the tasks of the special military operation will definitely be fulfilled. Of course, we would like this to happen as soon as possible. Right now is the time to build up directions, accents for Donbass’ further development.”

The Acting Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic added that, during his meeting with the Belarusian leader, they discussed the military situation and the stage of peaceful restoration, “It was important to identify the points of contact, the mutually beneficial directions of co-operation. There are many areas that are in demand in the DPR, and these are, of course, competencies in agriculture. It is important for us now to bring agriculture to a completely new level. Taking into account the development of quarries, new units of BELAZ equipment will also enjoy demand.”

According to Mr. Pushilin, the Donetsk People’s Republic is also interested in MAZ products: it needs buses and cargo carriers. In turn, kaolin clay can be supplied to Belarus. The Acting Head of the DPR informed that a number of ministers and advisers had arrived together with him to Minsk – to practically work out the agreements reached.