Posted: 20.10.2023 15:20:00

Public transport employees began nationwide strike in Italy

Some of Italy’s major public transport, school education and medical unions have launched a nationwide strike, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Italian TV channel Ranews24


The strike could affect public transport in large Italian cities. It is underlined that traffic will be provided at ‘guaranteed’ intervals, which differ depending on the city, but do not always cover the morning and evening periods.

There may also be disruptions in the operation of railway transport. ‘Guaranteed’ intervals have also been introduced for commuter trains. At the same time, according to the state railway company FS Italiane, there will be no disruptions to the movement of high-speed trains.

Trade unions say the main goal of the strike is to draw the attention of the labour sector to the ‘government’s economic policies’. Moreover, the participants thus demonstrate their negative attitude towards ‘wars and all fraudulent contracts’. Workers’ unions are demanding higher wages.

Along with the transportation sector, employees of the expressway sector and school workers may also take part in the strike.