Posted: 08.02.2022 15:54:00

President supported Investigative Committee’s initiative on trial in absentia

This has been told to journalists by the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, Dmitry Gora, after Security Council meeting


Mr. Gora noted, “In recent times, a number of countries – in particular, Poland and Lithuania – have been refusing to extradite persons who committed crimes, including extremist crimes and the criminal activities that are currently continuing, on our territory. In order to implement the principle of inevitability of criminal liability, a proposal is made to consider criminal cases against such persons in courts (if we are refused extradition or if there is no response to an extradition request) in absentia – that it, without participation of the person against whom the criminal case is being considered.”

At the same time, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee stated that the draft law envisages guarantees for protection of the rights of the accused – as it is applied during ordinary legal proceedings.

“This means that uniform standards – envisaged by the legislation of European and CIS countries, according to which trials in absentia are organised today – have been observed. Realisation of this institution will enable us to ensure inevitability of liability, and also compensation for damage in criminal cases caused by persons who committed crimes. I think it will be a quite effective preventive measure.”

According to Mr. Gora, the draft law will soon be sent to the Council of Ministers for its further submission to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly.