Posted: 17.12.2021 14:19:00

Preservation of Belarus’ sovereignty and independence is President’s most significant initiative, Belarusians believe

Results of the Belarus. A Vision of the Future sociological poll – conducted jointly by the EcooM Analytical Centre and the National Academy of Sciences’ Sociology Institute – were presented


Respondents were asked to answer the question on which initiatives of the President they view as the most significant. The answers are as follows:

Preservation of Belarus’ sovereignty and independence – 43.7%

Support for large families – 38.7%

Housing policy – 31.8%

Strengthening the country's defence capability – 27.6%

Integration of Belarus with Russia within the framework of the Union State – 24.8%

Patriotic education of youth – 23.6%

Amendments to the current Constitution – 19.9%

Pension system reform – 17.3%

Changes in rules of admission to universities – 9.7%

None – 5.1%

Other – 0.3%

Find it difficult to answer – 9.8%

No response – 0.7%

Respondents could choose several answer options. A total of 10,217 people took part in the survey.