Posted: 25.03.2022 13:26:00

Poland wants to send troops to Ukraine and annex its territories, expert believes

The Polish authorities proposed to send a peacekeeping mission of NATO or another organisation to Ukraine. In his talk with Alfa Radio, political analyst Piotr Petrovsky believes that in this way this country wants to send its troops to the territory of Ukraine and annex its lands.

“Do not forget that Poland has its own imperial interest. Under the guise of peacekeeping forces, it occupies lands within the borders of 1939 and beyond. These territories are not very interesting to it while Podolia and the forest-steppe zone – rich for black soil – are much more valuable. We see what food crises exist. Therefore, the Poles – under the guise of a NATO peacekeeping contingent and under the US vigorous umbrella – want to send troops and annex these territories,” asserts Mr. Petrovsky.

The expert also explained what the NATO peacekeeping mission in Ukraine means for Belarus and Russia.

“For Belarus, this is thousands of kilometres of border with the NATO bloc in the south. Saboteurs, anti-state political elements and anti-state ideas will be leaking out from there. For Russia, this means that nuclear missiles and NATO forces will be actually deployed along the Dnieper River,” underlined Piotr Petrovsky.

According to the expert, it is precisely for this reason that the Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and the heads of other Russian ministries say that in response to any such steps from the collective West, Russia has the right to retaliate.

“By the way, retired generals in the Pentagon confirm that Poland will be the target if it pursues an aggressive policy. We are already seeing some movement of troops in the border zone: not even near Ukraine, on the Belarusian-Polish border near Berestovitsa. This aggressive militaristic policy is going through the roof,” stated the political analyst.