Posted: 17.01.2023 11:39:00

Pertsov stressed American intelligence services pessimising information on the Internet

In 2020, ‘truthful’ sources of information used digital platforms to evoke certain emotions among people. However, these synthetic emotions quickly arise and quickly go out, this is the whole peculiarity – as noted by Belarus’ Information Minister Vladimir Pertsov during his talk with STV TV channel.

STV video screenshot

According to the Minister, a lot has changed since 2020, because the wars that we see now and the hot conflicts that are taking place are a completely different story, “The level of confrontation, hybrid information influences, and, in general, the growing military threat around our country along the perimeter predict us that the next battle will be far from it was in 2020. Therefore, I think that we need to finish that story, turn the page, draw certain conclusions for ourselves and move on. We need to accept all those removed masks, all those grins that we see from those whom even our citizens perceived as the only sources of truthful information, from those to whom we ‘were losing’, including in 2020. They showed their true face. There is no truth there.”

Moreover, Vladimir Pertsov underlined that all those facts that could only be guessed before, have now surfaced as a result of the publication of Twitter documentation, “There, the interested parties are the special services of the US and Western states, which carry out filtering and censoring. They pessimise the content, cut out what they don’t need, introducing entire agglomerations into a digital coma. This does not correspond in any way with their principles, with freedom of speech and democracy, which they tried to prove to us until 2020. It seemed to us that with classical and so-called intelligent approaches we would be able to withstand any challenges. But it turned out that technology is stronger, that the influence through these new digital platforms, instant messengers, and social networks is very great. Perhaps, somewhere we underestimated our capabilities, perhaps somewhere we underestimated these aggressive resources and their impact on people. However, these escalation and inculcation are synthetic emotions that quickly arise and quickly go out.”