Posted: 16.04.2023 10:00:00

Orthodox Christians celebrating Holy Resurrection of Christ

On April 16th, Orthodox residents of Belarus are celebrating the most revered church holiday – Easter – which symbolises the victory of life over death and is traditionally considered the most important date in the Orthodox calendar. Churches across the country are preparing to receive citizens on this bright day. Thus, Belarusians pay tribute to the traditions of their ancestors, preserving and passing on to new generations the foundations of spirituality, demonstrating the unity of the people. At the same time, everyone feels like a part of a great common.

Easter is set to commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. For most people, Holy Easter is associated with a solemn night service, procession and bell ringing. Whole families go to church, taking with them wicker baskets with Easter cakes and painted eggs. Everyone around rejoices and greets each other with the words: ‘Christ has Risen!’ – ‘Truly He is Risen!’

From the Christian holiday of Easter comes the modern name of the day of the week: Sunday. By tradition, throughout the year, every Sunday, Christians celebrate in a special way: with a prayer and solemn service in the church. Sunday is also called Little Easter. Thus, Christians remember the Resurrection of the Lord weekly, but they especially solemnly celebrate this event once a year: on the feast of Easter.

On Easter, it is customary to set a rich dinner table and adhere to the traditions of the holiday. One of the most important is the Easter consecration of food which is done on Holy Saturday, on the eve of the solemn Easter breakfast.

Since Easter marks the end of Lent, it is allowed to celebrate it with various culinary delights: try coloured eggs, cook delicious Easter ham and, of course, bake an Easter cake.

Many Belarusians have a tradition to visit relatives or friends on Easter and bring dishes made by themselves and consecrated in the church to their house. Close people exchange eggs, treat each other with Easter cakes and celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.