Posted: 21.03.2024 11:42:00

Novitsky on how he will spend free time on ISS

Participant of the space flight from Belarus Marina Vasilevskaya, crew commander Oleg Novitsky, and American NASA flight engineer Tracy Dyson will leave for the International Space Station (ISS) on March 21st at 16:21:19 Moscow time. On March 20th, they talked to journalists just before the flight, and the whole communication took place only through glass, as the crew has a strict observation period. The crew commander, Oleg Novitsky, a native of Belarus, noted that all of the cosmonauts work for the benefit of mankind, because, in a confined space on the ISS, representatives of different countries can give an impetus to the development of the Earth.

“I believe that our segments and partner ISS are in very good technical condition. They allow us to unite common efforts of people in scientific and technical work. I think our ISS will serve for a long time. During the expedition, there will be a lot of work to carry the emergency stock, because the crew will descend on another spacecraft. And in my free time, I will help Marina Vasilevskaya conduct experiments, maybe even participate in them myself,” Oleg Novitsky stated.

Oleg Novitsky carries with him something dear to his heart, which will help not to miss home on the expedition. Of course, this time he needs a ‘zero-g indicator’ – a toy puppy called Gav [woof], “My daughter said that the kitten has already flown, so now it's time for the puppy.”