Posted: 09.01.2023 14:08:00

Metropolitan Veniamin: looking back at other countries, it is important to cherish the good we have

Every Belarusian should make their contribution at work and at home – as noted by Metropolitan Veniamin of Minsk and Zaslavsl in his talk with the ONT TV channel

The President of Belarus declared 2023 the Year of Peace and Creation. Reflecting on this, the Metropolitan stressed that every Belarusian should make their contribution at home and at work, “Peace and harmony in the family, peace and harmony at work, as well as attention to yourself, work on yourself, and the desire to change for the better create the basis for the year to bring good results countrywide.”

Metropolitan Veniamin noted that the Lord never gives us more than we can handle, and he is ready to help in this, “At the same time, it is necessary to never forget an old proverb saying: 'We never know the value of water till the well is dry’.”

He added that, while looking back at other countries and peoples, it is important to understand the great good we have, to treat it carefully and with gratitude to God.