Posted: 01.08.2023 10:25:00

Lukashenko working in Brest Region

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is making a working trip to the Brest Region. It’s planned that the Head of State will visit Belovezhsky JSC, where he’ll be reported on the progress of field works in the country, the Brest Region, the Kamenets District and the Belovezhsky JSC itself. The President will also be reported on the socio-economic development of the Brest Region, the Kamenets District and the financial and economic activities of Belovezhsky JSC, as well as on the implementation of Presidential Decree No. 442 of December 28th, 2022 On the Construction (Reconstruction) of Dairy Complexes in the Brest Region and on the development prospects of dairy cattle breeding in the Brest Region.


Moreover, the work programme envisages familiarisation with the harvesting of Kuga variety winter rapeseed, with the technology for keeping and milking cattle at a robotic dairy complex for 1,000 heads of dairy herds, and a meeting with residents of the agro-town of Belovezhsky.