Posted: 03.11.2023 15:22:00

Lukashenko: we were right in the decision to build a nuclear power plant

By implementing the decision to build the first domestic nuclear power plant in Ostrovets, Belarusians were right – as noted by President Aleksandr at his today’s meeting with representatives of the labour collective and builders of the Belarusian NPP, social infrastructure workers and residents of Ostrovets

The Head of State recalled the time when various provocateurs inside and outside the country advised and demanded not to start the construction of a nuclear power plant, to forget about that idea, and so on. “Lithuanians closed [their station], and they are now moaning of that decision. Meanwhile, nuclear energy has been elevated to the rank of green, clean energy. It is really clean – with no coal, gas or even firewood,” he said. 

Despite the pressure, Belarus has built its own nuclear power plant. Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded, “Three years ago, when launching the first power unit of Belarus’ NPP, I said that a historic day had come, the era of peaceful atom had begun. And indeed, having received such a wonderful object in the difficult year of 2020 as a gift for November 7th – and the second block today, I think we did the right thing by creating this miracle. The station is good, and this is the future.”