Posted: 25.04.2024 15:22:00

Lukashenko: US Air Force practicing nuclear bombing, including towards Belarus’ territory

Over 64 thousand servicemen of the US Armed Forces (the number is almost equal to all Belarusian army soldiers), as well as more than 33 thousand NATO soldiers are permanently stationed in Europe – as noted by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko during the 7th Belarusian People’s Congress


“What are they doing here?” the Belarusian leader asked a rhetorical question. “What kind of America are they protecting here? Up to 20,000 of them are concentrated in Poland, close to our borders, and in the Baltic States. These groups of troops are equipped with modern strike weapons and are capable of delivering high-precision strikes on targets in Belarus and the western regions. The relevant tasks are currently being worked out. Strategic bomber aircraft of the US Air Force are involved, and they regularly fly in the European continental area. For example, four American B-1B strategic bombers are stationed in Spain, and they are training the techniques of nuclear bombing, including towards the territory of our country. They are practicing to use nuclear weapons.”

The Head of State stressed that this is a response to those who are fighting abroad, especially the fugitives who are criticising Belarus for deploying nuclear weapons. “They are training. Moreover, Washington has stepped up – doing this significantly – the measures to check the readiness of the US nuclear triad components for use. The tactical nuclear weapons deployed on the territory of NATO member states, which I spoke about yesterday [April 24th], are being upgraded at an accelerated pace,” he added.

The President of Belarus provided data on the number of ammunition in Europe, “More than 200 munitions – missiles and bombs – are stationed at European air bases: 20 at Kleine Brogel (Belgium), 20 at Buchel, 60 at Aviano (Italy), 30 at Gedi (Italy), 50 at Incirlik (Turkiye), and 20 at Volkel (the Netherlands). We have exactly counted them. Last year, the aviation nuclear bombs kept at the Volkel air base in the Netherlands were replaced with modern, more powerful ammunition.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko said that the West is now planning to modernise tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, “In the future, the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on British territory is not excluded. In H2 2024, the White House plans to transfer F-35 multirole fighters capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons to the advanced Lakenheath air base in the United Kingdom. Why are they doing this if they do not want escalation and stand against the use of nuclear weapons?”