Posted: 30.09.2022 12:23:00

Lukashenko to European politicians: come to senses and do everything to ensure peace in Ukraine!

Receiving credentials of foreign ambassadors, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, touched upon the situation in Ukraine, drawing attention to the fact that the conflict between fraternal peoples is the result of the intrigues and stupidity of Western politicians


“Today there is a lot of talk about this conflict. At the same time, many people say that they would like peace on this earth, especially the Europeans, because this conflict is in our European home. If Europeans sincerely want it, peace can be achieved within a few days. I declare this once again and warn the Europeans: come to your senses and do everything to ensure that there is peace on this earth.”

The President also stressed that ‘our country sincerely tried with all its might to prevent this madness’, “Do not blame us today for co-aggression or something else. We were, are and will be together with our Russia. We have a more honest alliance with Russia than the NATO bloc. What do you want from us? At the same time, we’re talking that we will not fight in Ukraine. Let’s liaise peacefully!”

Aleksandr Lukashenko also reminded that this year in Belarus is marked by the preservation of the historical memory of our nation, “The Belarusian people are very sincere, friendly and hardworking. You will learn how rich our land is, how many areas for mutually beneficial co-operation we can successfully develop. I suggest that you be active in strengthening bilateral liaisons between our states.”

The Belarusian Head of State underlined, “We will always meet your constructive ideas, projects and suggestions. We are ready to consider your any point of view. Let me wish you success in your diplomatic activities for the benefit of our peoples!”