Posted: 17.11.2023 15:16:00

Lukashenko: the state will develop Gomel’s Kristall Production Association

The state has preserved the unique production of the Gomel-based Kristall Production Association and will continue to develop it – as noted by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, during a conversation with labour team of Gomel's Kristall Production Association – the Managing Company of Kristall Holding

Addressing the employees of the enterprise, the Head of State said that he had long planned to visit this production facility and explained, “Not because you create so beautiful items; I guess no one else in the world can create such beautiful artificial things. In my opinion, the most beautiful in the world is a woman. Diamonds, gold and so on grace our women (I don’t think so, but women themselves think so). I have a calm attitude towards these items. I have never had them. For me it’s like raw material and finished product. But I’m always glad if our women look more beautiful with these items.”

The President said that previously he had been proposed more than once to privatise Kristall, but his answer was firm, “I categorically said no. This is a state enterprise and will remain so, at least while I am President... Our people have learnt to make beautiful items – it is not for sale. I say this sincerely. For me, losing a school and people who know how to do this (rather than diamonds and gold) is a disaster. This is the highest level of competence.”

The Head of State recalled what happened to the diamond and jewellery industry after the collapse of the USSR. There were seven such enterprises in the Soviet Union, while now only two are left: in Smolensk and Gomel. Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, “Everything was destroyed, everything fell apart. We didn’t just preserve and restore your company. We will develop it. We will invest money in your company. We will buy the most modern equipment. Moreover, a crazy thought crept into my head: we will not only reach the global level of production of your products – we must surpass this level. We can do this.” 

The President noted the obvious successes of the labour team and outlined the future, “Now you account for a good share of the domestic market and produce for foreign markets. The task for the near future for the minister and the director is to produce everything of our own. But we must do it in such a way as not to prohibit the supply of competitors, but so that they cannot rival with us. We will do everything for this. It’s not because there’s a shortage of jewellery. There’s enough. However, if you disappear, then these jewellery and other items will cost three times more in Belarus. They will be brought here, but it will be three times more expensive. I wouldn't want this happen. But it is also impossible to lose highly qualified, talented people and schools.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko summed up, “This is our enterprise. It will always be ours. Not a single president would risk getting rid of such a company. We will help you, but you know my work formula. We will invest in you. But naturally, we will also ask you to produce items that are above the world level.”