Posted: 17.11.2023 16:32:00

Lukashenko supported the idea of establishing state quality mark in Belarus

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, supported the idea of establishing a single state quality mark in Belarus. The Head of State stated this during a conversation with labour team of Gomel’s Kristall Production Association – the Management Company of Kristall Holding


Aleksandr Lukashenko also recalled that next year will be declared the Year of Quality, “We produce much and of high quality. However, we need to be better in order to compete, because we have an open economy. We produce in Belarus everything that is manufactured in the world. We have an economy like that of Germany, but who can say that we work better than the Germans? They won’t say. We need to raise the quality higher in order to compete.”

As far as the quality mark is concerned, the President noted, “Why invent it? Before it’s too late, we need to take away this Soviet quality mark and become copyright holders. Today someone will hear this idea and will take it away tomorrow. Therefore, we need to do it today... I really like this quality mark: beautiful, Soviet quality mark, very good. The Government will determine how it will be awarded, the methodology and formula. We’ve hit the nail on the head. This is very important, it will be done by the state and approved by the President.”

Thus, the Head of State believes, the role of the quality mark will be enhanced. Aleksandr Lukashenko told the factory workers, “I will be glad if your labour team invents a product that will be awarded a quality mark.”

The USSR State Quality Mark was used to mark serial products for civilian use that met high quality standards (consumer goods and industrial and technical products) produced by USSR enterprises. The five facets of this sign were associated with the five-pointed star, as well as the components of quality: reliability, accessibility, safety, aesthetics, innovation.