Posted: 23.05.2024 13:14:00

Lukashenko set tasks for Defence Ministry and General Staff: to develop army based on surrounding experience

The Armed Forces of Belarus should be developed taking into account the experience of modern warfare – as stated by President Aleksandr Lukashenko as he appointed Pavel Muraveiko, who held the position of First Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus until recently, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and First Deputy Defence Minister


As emphasised by the Head of State, he is closely monitoring the situation in the Armed Forces in the current difficult situation. Addressing Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin and Pavel Muraveiko, the President noted that he’s not indifferent to what relations would develop within the Defence Ministry leadership, “A lot depends on both of you. I think, you well understand the role of the Defence Minister in this situation, and the Defence Minister also clearly understands what the General Staff is. You know, I hate lies, as they are useless: sooner or later, everything comes out. It is impossible to embellish the situation in Belarus. Let's aim to develop the Armed Forces the way we have been doing so far, studying everything that is happening around us.”

The Belarusian leader added that the experience of the ongoing events in Ukraine should be especially taken into account, since this is a ‘serious lesson’ for us, “We need to see what a modern war is. We have made certain conclusions for ourselves: we understand now what mines and minefields – which were supposed to be destroyed following an order of the West in the past – are. Thank God we have preserved them. We know what counter-battery warfare is, and we especially understand that it is impossible to fight without unmanned aerial vehicles in modern conditions. It is also impossible to do without an electronic warfare system, which should effectively affect both unmanned aerial vehicles and other modern weapons. We have talked about this more than once, and you will have to focus on these issues seriously.”