Posted: 16.08.2022 11:39:00

Lukashenko reveals the secrets of his schedule

The President is back in the fields. Today Aleksandr Lukashenko’s schedule includes a working trip to the Smolevichi District of the Minsk Region. The Head of State is visiting the selection and seed complex of the Scientific and Practical Centre for Arable Farming of the National Academy of Sciences which is currently working on the selection of 38 species of agricultural plants. The President started conversation with the cultivation of legumes – which is better: lupine, soybeans or alfalfa. Afterwards he noted that many people ask why the President goes to one farm but does not visit another.


“We have thousands of points where people ask to come for various reasons. Several thousand! I still won’t be able to visit all of them. It’s not entirely correct if I will be ‘rushing about’ all locations without a choice. I go where I can see something new.”

In particular, the Head of State recalled that he had recently visited the Naroch Lake area, where he was shown how to create a farm from scratch.

“If there is something new, it is necessary to talk about it, to introduce and develop it countrywide,” the President said.