Posted: 06.10.2022 12:03:00

Lukashenko: re-selling must be excluded from trade

At today’s meeting with the economic bloc of the Government, the President unambiguously demanded to end with unjustified re-selling. Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that – against the background of state support for agricultural producers – milk, meat, bread, cereals and other socially significant products continue to rise in price monthly.


“Black marketeers easily profit from failures of supply chains,” the Head of State emphasised.

Aleksandr Lukashenko voiced an example reported by the State Control Committee: facts have been established when apples, onions, beets and cabbage grown by Belarusian agricultural enterprises were purchased by state employees from a re-seller with a margin of 300 percent.

The Head of State unambiguously demanded to restore order in this area, up to taking the strictest measures against those who are guilty. “There should be no re-selling at all. If we have intermediaries in foreign markets, then those who sell products should rule there. If we sell a tractor outside the country, then MTZ [Minsk Tractor Works] should govern there, rather than providing a tractor to an intermediary and then failing to monitor what price is further set in Russia or China,” he stated.