Posted: 12.04.2024 17:02:00

Lukashenko, Putin spoke by phone to large family of reindeer herders

During a meeting in the Kremlin, Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko and Russian leader Vladimir Putin spoke by the phone to a large family of reindeer herders, BelTA reports


The large Pyak family are hereditary reindeer herders living in the tundra of Yamal. Yenksya and Zoya Pyaks are celebrating their 50th anniversary of their marriage, and the two presidents congratulated them on their golden wedding anniversary.

The event was also attended by cosmonauts Marina Vasilevskaya and Oleg Novitsky.

“We have guests here: the first female cosmonaut of Belarus, the President of Belarus. Today we’re celebrating Cosmonautics Day. We all congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary. We also congratulate your large family, wishing you success and all the best. I hope we’ll see each other again. I know that one of your grandchildren wants to see the launch of a spacecraft. We’ll definitely organise a trip for him,” Vladimir Putin promised, giving the floor to the Belarusian leader.

“I also join in the Russian President’s congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary. This rarely happens: 50 years together. A good occasion. Vladimir Vladimirovich told me in detail about your meeting at VDNKh [All-Russia Exhibition Centre],” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He also expressed confidence that the cosmonauts would invite their family to see the most beautiful phenomenon: the launch of a spacecraft.

“I thank Vladimir Putin for the invitation to this conversation. It is very symbolic and important for me to talk to people who live far away and are engaged in this good business: breeding deer. I wish you all happiness! May God bless you and your children with good health. I wish you, and especially your children and grandchildren, could live without any problems. And they should definitely be reindeer herders: it’s a rare profession. Thank you very much. I wish you success and happiness,” added the Belarusian leader.

The cosmonauts also congratulated the reindeer herders’ family on their wedding anniversary. Marina Vasilevskaya wished them health and all the best.