Posted: 25.04.2024 15:57:00

Lukashenko: probability of armed provocations by Ukraine is quite high

A tense situation is developing on Belarus’ southern borders – as noted by President Aleksandr Lukashenko at the 7th Belarusian People’s Congress


"There is a significant grouping of the Ukrainian army in the immediate vicinity of the Belarusian border: about 120 thousand people (territorial units and the military),” the Head of State informed. “In the border regions, a set of measures has been implemented to form a system of defensive lines, districts and positions, and they are constantly being improved. Our border with fraternal Ukraine is completely mined on their territory. We observe round-the-clock intelligence of all kinds directed against our country. We also record systematic provocative and demonstrative actions of Kiev's military personnel against employees of the Belarusian law enforcement agencies located in the border area, including violations of the state border of Belarus. The probability of armed provocations on the part of Ukrainian units that can escalate into border incidents is quite high.”