Posted: 19.08.2022 18:01:00

Lukashenko praised Brest Region and Pruzhany District for harvesting campaign

During his talk with Zhuravlinoe JSC staff and residents of the Pruzhany District, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, praised the district and the Brest Region for harvesting campaign, especially distinguishing Yuri Shuleiko, the Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee


“Of course, you are great. I must tell you without flattery: everything is well done. Nice to see! Shuleiko even wrapped all the straw in rolls along the route I fly. It is clear that when the President visits, everything must be prepared. This is naturally. But he must have worked too hard! In general, this year (I’m talking about it for the second time) the Brest Region has done well. The governor has also done well. You’ve organised and quickly harvested; you have almost nothing to harvest. Most of the harvesting is done.”

The President added, “Based on the results of the harvesting campaign I can thank you and say that your district, the Brest Region have done well. You never let me down, and not only me. I am a devoted person to all working people. You are good people, take care of yourself!”

Aleksandr Lukashenko addressed separate words of gratitude to Zhuravlinoe agricultural company, “This is an exemplary farm. It was created as a beacon in order to understand where to strive, even slightly overbuild.”