Posted: 24.05.2024 17:44:00

Lukashenko outlined priority areas of co-operation with Russia: both sides will benefit

Industry, import substitution, energy, regional co-operation and public procurement are priority areas that require close attention in the Union State – as stated by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko at today’s talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in an expanded format


In particular, the Head of State outlined what exactly needs to be paid attention to, “It is industry. In this area, we plan to continue concrete work on the implementation of joint import-substituting projects in microelectronics, mechanical engineering, machine tool construction, and military-technical co-operation – differently speaking, in the directions that ensure the achievement of the goals of technological sovereignty and economic security of our states.”

The Belarusian leader noted that all decisions at the presidential level had been made, and governments should implement them in a short time. It is primarily necessary to quickly complete the formation of a unified industrial policy of the Union State, and Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, “Both sides will benefit from this. Many of our production lines use each other's components. There should be no protective measures against partners at the legislative level. As we agreed, it is necessary to defend ourselves from those who imposed sanctions against us, who do not contribute to the development of our two states.”

Energy is another priority area, the smooth functioning of industry and the cost of final products depend on it. The President stressed, “It is necessary to finalise the terms of oil and gas supplies to the Republic of Belarus. We have been discussing this for years, and Vladimir Vladimirovich has made a decision today… We have analysed in detail all the nuances while negotiating in a narrow format. Our governments need to formalise these agreements.”

Belarus is also ready to continue working with Russian companies in the field of nuclear energy. Aleksandr Lukashenko explained, “The experience of the Belarusian NPP construction has opened up new opportunities for further development of these technologies, training of qualified personnel and even joint construction of such facilities in third countries.”