Posted: 25.04.2024 16:10:00

Lukashenko on traitors: they’re ready to do anything for the sake of change of power

Those wishing to undermine the regime hope very much that armed provocations from Ukraine will escalate into border incidents – as stated by President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko at the 7th Belarusian People’s Congress


Aleksandr Lukashenko revealed the plans of the fugitives, “Amid talks about possible lifting of the ban on the death penalty in Russia (after the last terrorist attack in Russia, they talked about the introduction of the death penalty in Russia, about the abolition of the Yeltsin decree), they called for the destruction of Belarus. No more, no less. I will quote for you: ‘Belarus remains the last country in Europe where the death penalty is applied. It must be destroyed’.”

The President warned that the fugitives are definitely ready to do anything for the sake of a change of power in Belarus.

“Now the main directions of the military scenario of the corresponding actions are being adjusted,” the Belarusian leader explained. “The so-called Peramoga 2.0 plan is being improved, which focuses on the organisation of the ‘national liberation movement’ on the territory of Belarus. Ivan Tertel [KGB Chief] will tell you more about this. We are identifying these so-called ‘underground workers’, who are still hiding on the territory of Belarus. We show them to you sometimes so as not to overstrain.”