Posted: 24.05.2024 19:54:00

Lukashenko on results of negotiations with Putin: no unsolvable problems in relations between our countries

There are no unsolvable problems in the relations between Belarus and Russia – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, in his conversation with the media following today’s talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin


In particular, the Head of State noted that the parties discussed in detail the issues of industrial co-operation, development of machine and tool building, and microelectronics, “Primarily, from the point of view of increasing import-substituting industries that allow us to ensure our import independence, technological sovereignty and, ultimately, the security of our states.”

The President stressed that the Belarusian side is confident in maintaining continuity in the work of the new Russian Government in the Belarusian direction, “There are no unsolvable problems in the relations between our countries, there are those which have been postponed but which require closer attention and in-depth study. We can honestly admit that we have resolved all issues by now, and there are no unresolved problems. I am sure that we will work in the same way in the future.”

In this context, the parties discussed today the issues of forming a unified industrial policy within the Union State. Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced that the countries should eliminate the remaining protective measures and restrictions once and for all. “Otherwise, not only our peoples, but we ourselves will not understand each other,” he stated.

Considerable attention was paid during the negotiations to the development of the transport and logistics sector. The parties agreed that serious additional investments are needed into this very promising industry. “In recent years, we have taken a fresh look at regional co-operation and appreciated its potential. Belarus and its regions are co-operating today, without exaggeration, with almost all subjects of the Russian Federation, and exports of products are growing," the Belarusian leader continued.

On June 27th-28th this year, Vitebsk, Polotsk and Novopolotsk will host the 11th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, and the Belarusian side expects a high level of Russian representation at the forthcoming event.