Posted: 20.04.2024 15:00:00

Lukashenko invited farmer to take over collective farm and explained why Belarusian apples are better than those from Poland

Belarusian apples are better and purer than those from Poland – as noted by Head of State Aleksandr Lukashenko during the nationwide subbotnik. The Belarusian leader spent this day in his small homeland, planting an apple orchard, which will then be taken care of by local schoolchildren, BelTA reports.

Igor Abramchik, who heads the Spartan-Agro farm in the Molodechno District, was among the participants of the President’s cleanup team.

“He is a farmer and a hard worker. By the way, he’s not an agrarian,” the Head of State noted, when introducing him to journalists.

“No, I’m not a farmer. I’m an engineer-economist by education, having studied at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. But still I work on the ground,” the farmer confirmed.

“An IT specialist,” Aleksandr Lukashenko added, asking whether the young agrarian has village roots.

It turned out that Igor Abramchik really has rural roots, spending his first few school years in the village.

“If a person was born in a village, they always yearn to return and touch their home ground,” the President concluded and immediately turned the conversation to a practical aspect, wondering how many hectares the farmer has.

“We have a hundred hectares for today. We are gradually expanding,” Igor Abramchik replied, who himself is engaged in gardening.

“We can give you a collective farm,” Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested. “I advise you to take a good farm now until there are some. The lands here aren’t bad.”

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“To be honest, I have never taken up gardening before. I began to slightly delve into this issue when I was already a president, because we import apples, especially from Poland. Meanwhile, farmers’ apples are better than any Polish ones. Most importantly, they are purer, since they know that if they supply products of poor quality to the market, we will hold them accountable. And can we hold the Poles accountable?.. It’s exactly the same situation for healthcare and education. If a doctor takes a scalpel in hands, they know they must do their best, since they bear great responsibility,” the President summed up.