Posted: 29.02.2024 12:41:00

Lukashenko instructed to restore order in sports clubs: no easy money!

During today’s report on the development of Belarusian football, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko ordered to restore order in sports clubs in the near future

Speaking about the preferences that the sports industry receives from the state, the President underlined, “Order needs to be restored as soon as possible: in Q1. No one should receive any easy money. Otherwise, you will all be deprived of benefits. Sports clubs must earn money themselves for their officials and other associates. Let them go and ask for sponsors. So far, our state is the main sponsor. Many begin to complain and blame sanctions, saying that they are not allowed anywhere. Where are you not allowed? Are you not allowed into Russia? Russia is the most athletic and strongest country on our planet.”

The President stated that he is closely monitoring the development of sports in Russia, “Sports performance there is constantly improving. The skiers were running weaker, but now they are doing this faster. Their hockey is at a proper level. The same can be said about football. Just win in all sports! Compete with them and report that you performed better than the Russians across all sports. Nothing more is required from you, and the country will be happy. Do you beat the Russians in all sports? It’s sometimes even embarrassing to watch. We somehow did well in biathlon, but then again the current performances leave much to be desired... The same situation is with Dinamo HC: one day they beat SKA and Dinamo Moscow teams, and the other day they idly walk for a warm-up. People don’t need such sport, and no one will finance it from the budget. I’m afraid to even talk about football. Some squads from neighbouring countries were simply not noticed before. And what about now?!”