Posted: 03.10.2022 18:36:00

Lukashenko instructed to deal with issue of securing personnel at local level

Rules for the movement of labour must be developed in the regions: this instruction was given by Aleksandr Lukashenko when making personnel decisions. The Head of State agreed to the appointment of chairs of twelve districts. One of the President’s requirements to the new heads concerns the personnel issue at the local level.


The President emphasised, “Of course, there is no serfdom, but there shouldn’t be any movement of heads, specialists without your [chairs of executive committees] knowledge. Only with the permission of the chair of the district executive committee!”

At the same time, the Belarus President Administration and the Government need to prepare an appropriate regulatory framework for making such decisions. The regional executive committees were instructed to adopt the rules for the movement of labour at meetings of the regional executive committees.

“Things must be put in order in the local vertical of power! I repeat once again: there should not be serfdom in any case, but everything should be controlled!” the President stressed.

He gave an example when graduates of agricultural universities who received education free of charge but don’t go to work to the assigned places, “We don’t have enough manpower in agriculture. Just look where they work: mothers of fathers find employment somewhere for their children. They received higher education, but now they stay in the city, not caring about anything, and receive a salary no less than a specialist on a collective farm and still laugh ... The state spent a lot of money on you, gave you an education, so please work in your specialty! This applies to everyone: teachers, doctors, and cultural workers.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko demanded, “We need to get everything back to normal regime!”

He also instructed the Head of the President Administration Igor Sergeyenko, together with Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko and the local vertical of power, to determine clear rules by January 1st, “This system should be established by decisions of regional executive committees. In this regard, it is necessary to act and by January 1st to restore perfect order across all areas.”