Posted: 21.07.2023 16:10:00

Lukashenko: entire dairy industry must be transferred to high-tech dairy complexes within next five years

At a major conference call on the harvesting campaign, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, updated the task of transferring the entire dairy industry of the Belarusian agricultural sector to technologically advanced dairy complexes while farms using outdated technologies should be completely abandoned


The Head of State recalled the order he gave earlier, “The entire dairy industry must be transferred to technologically advanced dairy complexes. You can see that in the countryside people don’t stay very long, and it will be less and less. This is a global practice and trend. Since there are few people, it’s necessary to move to dairy complexes. This is the quality of products, and therefore your money. Moreover, we must abandon these old cowsheds, which bring no good either to cattle or to the people who work there.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled that earlier the task was also set to build twenty modern dairy complexes in the Minsk Region this year. Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Aleksandr Turchin assured that this order would be fulfilled. To the President’s clarifying question about the optimal cost of such facilities, the Governor replied that the calculations give a construction cost of about Br8-9m. At the same time, the construction period is reduced from the designed 18 to 10 months. Initially, such projects were estimated at Br12m. Although the problem of over-bureaucratisation of design and examination of the project does not lose its relevance. Meanwhile, the Governor assured, “Our task was to build 20 farms by the end of the year, and this task will be completed.”

The President remarked, “No, I didn’t ask to build farms. I asked to build dairy complexes. The farm differs in many ways from the complex. The complex is where milking is provided, alongside calving and maintenance of calves for up to a certain period of time, i.e., the whole cycle is ensured. I do not in vain draw your attention: forget about these farms. These farms must be turned into dairy complexes or new ones must be built in order to comprehensively receive milk and feed cattle.”

Aleksandr Turchin assured that it is in this context that the task, which is relevant for all regions, is being carried out.