Posted: 04.08.2022 17:38:00

Lukashenko continues working tour along Belarus, visit to Vitebsk Region planned

Working trips of President Aleksandr Lukashenko to Belarusian regions continue – as reported by the Belarusian leader’s press service

After the republican conference on July 26th – which focused on the harvesting campaign and the overall situation in the country’s agro-industrial complex, the Head of State began a series of working trips to study the situation at the local level.

At the end of last week and in the beginning of this one, Aleksandr Lukashenko inspected two districts in the Minsk Region: Slutsk and Myadel. Apart from focusing on the harvesting process, new approaches in management and the use of the best practices of agricultural enterprises were discussed.

It is planned that, on August 5th, the President will visit the Vitebsk Region – to focus on functioning of the integration structures – agro-industrial associations – that are being created in this region (Aleksandr Lukashenko announced such plans during the conference). Actually, it is not the first time this year and earlier that the Head of State addresses this issue. He keeps it under control, and it was considered in detail at a Presidential meeting in Glubokoe this March.

Seven such structures have been created in the Vitebsk Region, and they unite low-performing farms. One of them will be used as an example to study the work as a whole and trends in the functioning of associations.