Posted: 15.12.2021 10:51:00

Lukashenko comments on maintaining stability in the country

Repetition of last year’s events and destabilisation of the situation in the country should not be allowed – as stated by President Lukashenko on meeting senior officials of the Mogilev Region, BelTA informs


After hearing a report of the Departmental Head of the State Security Committee on the situation in the Mogilev Region, the President said, “You have calmed down to a certain extent. True, it seems that there was not much noise and shouting in the Mogilev Region. However, we should understand that what we saw last year is a tip of the iceberg. The things below depend on the social and economic development, the Mogilev Region’s level and successes.”

The Head of State drew attention to various problems in labour collectives observed at state-run enterprises but mostly in the private sector. This fact should also be taken into account in the competent authorities’ subsequent work to keep the situation in the country under control, the President believes.

“We have always had problems in private companies. You also have IT specialists and individual entrepreneurs. They are not concentrated only in the Hi-Tech Park,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

He sees the reasons for what happened in 2020 not only in the social and economic situation in the country. “There is also our fault in what happened last year,” the Head of State said. “We simply calmed down and thought that we were doing our best and working hard. We did not expect that some would rise in revolt, go on strike, or something else. We became self-complacent. We do not want this happen now and we do not want to run along streets with assault rifles again.”

Moreover, the situation is not easy now, the President believes. According to him, it has already come to the use of such an element of hybrid warfare against Belarus as massive cyber-attacks on enterprises. Attempts are being made to undermine the technological process at enterprises, especially in the field of energy supply. However, these are stopped by competent authorities.

“As specialists say, a single click of the mouse can generate a damage worth billions of Roubles. They will stop at nothing,” the Head of State stressed. “Therefore, in no case should we be self-complacent.”

At the same time, it is also important to prevent excesses in the work of law enforcement agencies. Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasised, “I want to warn you – the police and regulatory authorities: do not overdo it.”