Posted: 16.08.2022 16:31:00

Lukashenko comments on achievements in Belarusian seed production

Visiting the Scientific and Practical Centre for Arable Farming of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the Head of State got acquainted with the technologies for processing and storing batches of breeder seeds at the production site. As Aleksandr Lukashenko was assured, domestic scientists know how to produce seeds no worse than best organisations abroad.


The President was impressed by the achievements of domestic plant selection breeders, “These are the most unique people! There is no such thing in the world. It is also my pride that we have preserved agricultural science and developed it.”

The Belarusian leader urged people to talk more about the possibilities of Belarus in this area, “Whatever they say, this is the hardest thing. This is more valuable than gold. People should understand that bread they buy in stores begins with scientists, with these land plots.”