Posted: 17.11.2023 13:05:00

Lukashenko visited Gomel’s Kristall Production Association

During today’s working trip to the Gomel Region, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has visited the Gomel Production Association Kristall – the Managing Company of Kristall Holding – a leading manufacturer of jewellery and diamonds. The company cuts diamonds of small, medium and large sizes, as well as various cut shapes: ‘princess’, ‘emerald’, ‘pear’, ‘trilliant’ and others.

Here the Head of State was informed about the modernisation of diamond processing production and measures to improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

It is interesting that there were only seven such production facilities in the USSR: in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine and Belarus. Today, such enterprises remain in the post-Soviet space only in Gomel and Smolensk.

Every month, diamonds weighing up to 3,000 carats are processed at the Gomel production facility (one carat is a fifth of a gram). Raw materials are brought from Russia. Up to 85 percent of all products are exported primarily to Russia, Belgium, Israel, and the UAE.

Kristall’s high technical and technological level enables it to undertake the creation of complex and exclusive jewellery.

For example, the Presidential Hockey Cup or the challenge crown of the winner of the Miss Belarus Beauty Pageant were also made at Kristall.

The modernisation of jewellery production enabled the enterprise to successfully solve the problem of producing measured gold ingots, which previously were exclusively imported to Belarus from Western Europe and Russia.