Posted: 04.10.2022 14:45:00

Lukashenko about reservists: we checked and will continue doing this

During today’s meeting on military security, the President of Belarus spoke about the training of reservists and territorial defence troops


In this regard, Aleksandr Lukashenko drew another parallel with the events in Russia, “This is one more lesson. Yes, they carried out mobilisation in Russia and called up people. But many of them have forgotten what weapons are. Therefore, we have constantly trained reservists and our territorial defence troops and will continue doing this. Everyone who must and can hold a weapon in their hands must be able to use it. This applies to both women and men. They must master at least small arms in order – God forbid what happens – to be able to protect their families. The goal of our Armed Forces and security forces is to protect our land and our state! We do not set any other goals today. We are preparing for war, because anything can happen. If we had not withstood here in 2020, other armed forces would have nowadays stood near Smolensk. And where would we be, first of all you – people in uniform – you know the answer. Therefore, learn, learn and learn... We must primarily learn military affairs in a real mode. This is where we will learn.”

At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko advised not to pay attention to what they say from the outside that some military registration and enlistment offices started to check our reservists.

“We checked and will continue doing this!” the President said. “But this is not to send them somewhere to kill someone. At the same time, if, God forbid, something happens, we will not run abroad. We will protect our home and our land. That’s all fakes.”