Posted: 04.04.2024 17:18:00

Kochanova: more attention must be paid to people in work of eighth-convocation Council of the Republic

We must work unitedly and effectively amid challenges and threats faced by our country – as stated by Natalya Kochanova, the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the seventh convocation, after a meeting of the Minsk City Council deputies, during which members of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of Belarus of the eighth convocation from the city of Minsk were elected

“As a whole, law-making is the fundamental activity in the work of senators and the Council of the Republic,” noted Natalya Kochanova. “Having worked in the seventh convocation, my colleagues and I clearly defined for ourselves that the message of our President – that laws should be based on real life – is absolutely justified. So, I think that in the work of the eighth convocation it is necessary to pay more attention to working with people, with labour teams and business entities. This is necessary in order to feel the issues that need to be settled locally: in the economy and in social development. Therefore, I would prioritise working with people for deputies at all levels. Based on this, we can clearly understand what adjustments need to be made into existing laws or which new laws need to be developed.”

Natalya Kochanova noted that the elected members of the Council of the Republic of the new convocation are both professionals and people who are not diverted from life and who know how Belarusians live.

“We are a body of territorial representation; today members of the Council of the Republic are elected throughout the country,” she underlined. “Meetings are held everywhere at which deputies elect senators. It is clear that these people live the life of our people, work in enterprises and organisations. They know about the tasks that we face: receptions on personal issues, meetings with labour teams, and working with young people. This is a huge help in our work. And this is what our President always talks about: we must meet with people more often and work to anticipate the problems that our citizens may face in a particular region.”