Posted: 25.09.2023 11:55:00

Karpovich: prospects for foreign trade development in agricultural sector in the Union State context are enormous

According to the Head of the Food Security Department of the Institute of System Researches in the Agro-Industrial Complex of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Natalya Karpovich, the prospects for the development of our foreign trade in the agricultural sector in the context of the Union State are enormous

“Deepening economic integration is aimed at multi-vector constructive co-operation, sustainable development of agro-industrial complexes and, most importantly, strengthening the food security of both countries. Together we are able to increase existing opportunities, achieving even higher goals,” added Natalya Karpovich. “This is very important, especially today, when the world market situation remains extremely unstable, access to food and the means of its production is limited by changes in international logistics, and crisis phenomena are observed in the economies of most countries of the world. The economic and trade relations that have developed over the years of the Union State existence are a key factor in sustainability in the agri-food sector of our countries.”

It is interregional interaction that plays a key role in this and acts as a kind of driver of economic development. Liaisons between regions are becoming increasingly important every year.

“At present, more than 70 regions of Russia are developing their relations with Belarus on the basis of long-term co-operation agreements. In general, the bilateral legal framework consists of more than 300 treaties, agreements, protocols and memorandums in all areas of interaction,” Natalya Karpovich stressed.