Posted: 21.12.2023 15:58:00

Karankevich told how spent nuclear fuel management system will be built in Belarus

Belarus’ Energy Minister Viktor Karankevich said that in the near future – up to 10 years – spent nuclear fuel (SNF) will be located in the cooling pool on the territory of the BelNPP

“Approximately in 2031-2032, the spent nuclear fuel will be sent in special containers for reprocessing to specialised enterprises in the Russian Federation,” noted the head of the energy department. “This will be done by the TVEL Company – a part of the Rosatom State Corporation. The SNF will remain in Russia for about two decades to reduce residual heat and radioactivity, and then will be reprocessed. Processed products will begin to be returned to Belarus from 2050.”

As far as radioactive waste (RAW) is concerned, the Minister recalled that the Belarusian Organisation for Radioactive Waste Management – established in February 2023 – is dealing with the formation of a system for long-term storage and disposal of radioactive waste in our country.

“This is radioactive waste generated not only at the BelNPP, but also in medicine, industry, agriculture and other industries where sources of ionising radiation are used,” underlined Viktor Karankevich. “Nevertheless, the BelNPP will produce approximately 180 cubic metres of operational radioactive waste annually, or 95 percent of the total amount of this category of waste in the country.”

The first stage of the facility, according to him, is planned to be put into operation by 2030. Work is currently underway to select a site for the construction of the storage facility. Viktor Karankevich stressed that construction will be preceded by public hearings, and discussions will be organised both in the country and abroad.