Posted: 17.11.2023 13:20:00

Israeli Ambassador to US opposed Gaza Strip transfer under UN control

The Ambassador of Israel to the United States, Michael Herzog, criticised Germany's proposal to transfer the Gaza Strip under the control of the United Nations after the end of the conflict, as the Jewish state has no positive experience of such interaction, TASS reports with reference to Politico that interviewed the diplomat

"I am not sure the UN model is the best model, because we do not have a good experience with UN mandared forces,” Mr. Herzog said, noting that such a decision would be ‘extremely politicised, and everyone understands this’.

By the way, the Head of the Palestinian Office in the EU, Belgium and Luxembourg, Abdelrahim Alfarra, also stated in his comment to Politico that Berlin's proposal is unacceptable. According to him, the role of the United Nations is to protect the borders of the two future states.