Posted: 23.05.2022 12:49:00

Industry Ministry: not a single plant in Belarus stopped due to problems with components

Today, all factories are operating in the country and there are enough components – as stated by Belarus’ Deputy Industry Minister Dmitry Kharitonchik during his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel

According to him, despite external factors, all factories in the country work as usual.

“It’s still a constant process. Some positions may fall out while somewhere we find alternative suppliers. We can’t just cease our operation because of the lack of some components and spare parts. Not a single plant in Belarus has stopped its operation today. All factories are working quite steadily, fulfilling all the tasks that have been set before them,” he explained.

The Deputy Industry Minister noted that there are enough positions in the list of necessary goods of the dropped import.

“It also includes different types of gears. But this does not mean that if they are not there, then we stop our operation. There are always alternative suppliers but here the question is also in competition, to what extent the supply chain and the price of a new product affects the price of the final goods. Still, we understand that a significant increase in prices for our produce cannot be allowed. In any case, it must remain competitive,” he underlined.