Posted: 26.09.2023 17:07:00

Gulevich on bilateral comprehensive exercise: we’ve outlined ways to improve our Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Belarus have finished bilateral comprehensive exercise – as reported by the Defence Ministry in its Telegram channel


The manoeuvres were carried out at training grounds and terrain areas of three Belarusian regions. In a complex dynamic situation, command and control bodies of the operational and tactical levels worked out the issues of command and control and use of troops, using new forms and methods.

After completion of the exercise, an analysis will be carried out, and all successfully implemented methods will be introduced into the practice of training the Armed Forces.

The forces and equipment involved in the exercise will return to their permanent locations in the coming days.

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces – First Deputy Defence Minister of Belarus, Major General Viktor Gulevich, visited the location of one of the operational formations taking part in the bilateral complex exercise.

He underlined that the active phase of the exercise has reached its final stage, the entire complex of using both reconnaissance forces and fire destruction has been worked out, alongside the issues of moving the control centre across the terrain.

“People gained a lot of practical experience: we’ve worked out a number of theoretical provisions that we were developing. We’ve outlined further ways to improve the development of issues related to the use of versatile forces and means that we have in the Armed Forces,” he said.