Posted: 24.01.2024 14:42:00

Gosstandart: active development of standards for far arc countries will continue in 2024

In 2024, the active development of standards for the markets of those countries where Belarusian products will be supplied will continue – as noted by First Deputy Chairperson of the State Committee for Standardisation (Gosstandart) Yelena Morgunova

“This especially refers to the distant countries, with which we have worked little, but now our enterprises are expanding the geography of co-operation. We will develop additional standards at a rapid pace to meet their requirements. We’ve been long liaising with China, and our enterprises have already fulfilled Chinese requirements. For example, all documents for food products have been developed to meet their requirements, which are quite strict. This is especially true for testing methods and ensuring product safety. The same will happen for African countries. Work continues.”

Yelena Morgunova also noted that Belarus’ partner countries put the issues of standardisation in the first place as ensuring all the requirements and indicators that should be in the delivered goods.